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The Sammi Books

In Hello from Sammi, the first book in the series, you meet Sammi, a small but curious little owl who wants to meet other owls in the big world. She writes a letter about herself, and her bird friends and whales deliver her letters around the world. In return, Sammi receives letters and photos from many owls.

Sammi learns that even a small owl can achieve something wonderful.

Hello from Sammi

by Suzanne Mirviss



Age level: 5 to 10

Grade level: K to 5





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In Aloha from Sammi, an invitation to a birthday party arrives for Sammi from Pueo in Kaua'i. How will a very small owl travel over the Pacific Ocean to get to the party? Find out about Sammi's adventures in traveling to a tropical island. Meet her owl friend, Patti Pueo, and a new friend, Albert Albatross.

This book offers the opportunity to learn a few words of the Hawaiian language, and also to read about birds that live on the island of Kaua'i.

Aloha from Sammi

by Suzanne Mirviss



Pages: 70, Language: English

Age level: 5 to 10

Grade level: K to 5


In Hello from Sammi in Canada, the third in the Sammi series Sheldon the Snowy Owl invites Sammi to the Great Northwest to see thousands of Bald Eagles fly in for salmon spawning season.

Sammi also visits Stanley Park in Vancouver and sees several popular sites, including totem poles. And, of course, she makes new friends, including a Black Bear!.

Hello from Sammi in Canada

by Suzanne Mirviss



Pages: 78, Language: English

Age level: 5 to 10

Grade level: K to 5


In Hola from Sammi, the fourth Sammi the Owl book, she travels to the tropics and meets exotic creatures, such as sloths and spider monkeys.


Two local owls, Senor Buho and Sofia Screech Owl are the guides who introduce Sammi to new experiences in the cloud forest.

The abundant and colorful pictures will delight younger elementary children; and the travel story will engage the 8 to 10 year old reader.

Hola from Sammi

by Suzanne Mirviss



Pages: 78, Language: English

Age level: 8 to 10

Grade level: 3 to 5

Sammi the Owl Book Series

Introduces elementary school age children to the lessons of

1  Reaching out to make friends

2  Asking for help and expressing sppreciation

3  Enriching your life by learning about others

Sammi books are available at

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